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Dissolving packing peanuts in acetone

What a neat experiment! Pinning this to do next time I we have packing peanuts. Love, love, love!

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We've been dissolving things around here, too. We just changed the temperature. Thanks Trisha! I try to use the correct vocab as much as possible to at least expose the girls to it. Who knows, some of it may even stick :. Did you have pure acetone or non acetone polish remover? Acetone should have dissolved it immediately. That's what happened time and again with ours,and is what's expected.

Trash Tutorial: Starch-based packing peanuts dissolve in water

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Today, I want to share a simple but fun science experiment we conducted with some of our packing peanuts. The Dissolving Packing Peanut Experiment. After seeing the effect water had on the packing peanuts the Lil Divas were curious about how they would effected by other things so we decided to experiment.

Dissolve Styrofoam in Acetone

The following were the order in which the Lil Divas hypothesized the packing peanuts would dissolve in order from fastest to slowest - hot water, acetone, vinegar and tap water at room temperature. To begin the experiment we simultaneously dropped one 1 packing peanut into each individual container and observed what happened.

Upon the initial dropping of the packing peanut into the containers we noticed that the hot water had an immediate reaction - melting some of the packing peanut instantly. The one in acetone visibly shrunk in size but stayed intact.

The packing peanuts in the water and vinegar seemed to puff up but not much else happened immediately. The Lil Divas decided they wanted to stir the packing peanuts so we got four 4 spoons one for each solvent and they gently stirred each one. We waited 3 minutes timed on our kitchen timer and then took another peek.

The packing peanuts in the water and vinegar had visibly begun to dissolve and the reactions were nearly identical. The packing peanut in the acetone continued to shrink but stayed intact. The packing peanut in the hot water had almost completely dissolved and only a little remained in the container. The hot water dissolved the packing peanut the fastest and it was nearly all gone.

There was very little trace of the original packing peanut left in the container. The acetone shrunk the packing peanut considerably but it still remained in the container and was intact. The packing peanuts that had been in the tap water and vinegar had considerably dissolved but we could still see the remnants in the container.

Have you experimented with packing peanuts? What did you try? I'd love to know.The Great Peanut Race. Place a few starch based packing peanuts in a beaker of water. Dunk the peanuts under the water a couple of times. Have the students notice that the packing peanuts are now slowly dissolving.

Fill one mL beaker with 30 mL of water and fill the other mL beaker with 30 mL of acetone. Choose two students from the audience to come up and help you. Have the students try to fill up their beaker with the Styrofoam packing peanuts. One student should have the beaker that contains the acetone and the other student should have the beaker containing the water.

Have the class observe what happened to the packing peanuts that were added to each beaker. The packing peanuts should still be present in the beaker containing water.

How to Dispose of Packing Peanuts

The packing peanuts should have dissolved in the beaker containing the acetone. Well, today I have a game for two of you to play. Can I have two volunteers from the audience to help me out? The object of the game is quite simple.

All you need to do is fill your beaker with the most amount of packing peanuts. The person with the most amount of peanuts in their beaker after 30 seconds wins. The styrofoam packing peanut is a polymer, and a polymer is a long chain of monomers molecules called styrene. The long chain polymers are held together rather loosely by non-polar bond interactions between the chains. In addition, the polymer is made as a foam so there are lots of air spaces between groups of polymers.

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Styrofoam is a non-polar substance, which means it has no charge to it. In one of the beakers, I put 30 mL of water, and in the other beaker, I put 30 mL of acetone. Acetone is also a non-polar substance. Acetone is actually what girls use to take off their nail polish. Water, on the other hand, is polar which means it has a charge.

dissolving packing peanuts in acetone

Since water is polar and the peanuts were non-polar, the peanuts are not able dissolve. In the last beaker, I placed a few starch based packing peanuts into some water. The packing peanuts began to dissolve, but much slower than the Styrofoam packing peanuts did in the acetone. The starch based packing peanuts are made up of long polymer chains of glucose.

The starch peanuts are polar and so is water, which is why the peanuts began to dissolve. Like dissolves like.Although packing peanuts help to protect shipped items from bumps that could otherwise damage the items during shipping, packing peanuts take up landfill space and, depending on the material used to make the peanuts, can negatively affect the environment. Typically, packing peanuts are made of nondegradable polystyrene, also known as plastic foam, or a biodegradable vegetable starch base.

The options available for disposing of your packing peanuts vary depending on the type of material used. Store your polystyrene packing peanuts in plastic bags and reuse in shipments that you send as needed. Contact local moving or shipping stores and ask if the stores take used packing peanuts.

If you find a location that accepts used packing peanuts, ask whether the store charges a fee to accept the peanuts. Transfer your polystyrene packing peanuts into plastic bags. Drop the bags off at the nearest location. The peanuts will break down and dissolve into the compost or soil over time. Fill a large bucket or trashcan with the packing peanuts. Add hot water to dissolve the peanuts.

After the packing peanuts have dissolved, pour the starch residue and water down a drain. To determine the packing peanuts material, simply place a peanut in hot water to see if it dissolves.

If your shipping container has different colored packing peanuts, test each color as mixed material shipments can occur.

Acetone packing peanut experiment

Never throw polystyrene packing peanuts out with your household trash. Although some municipalities allow this type of disposal, polystyrene has a negative impact on the environment.

Reuse or recycle the peanuts instead. Based in Southern Pennsylvania, Irene A. Blake has been writing on a wide range of topics for over a decade. How to Build a Football Target. How to Use Denture Liners.Dissolving Styrofoam or another polystyrene product in acetone is a spectacular demonstration of the solubility of this plastic in an organic solvent. It also illustrates just how much air is in the Styrofoam.

All you need to do is to pour a bit of acetone into a bowl, and place Styrofoam beads, packing peanuts, chunks of foam, or even a Styrofoam cup in the container. Since Styrofoam is mostly air, you may be surprised by how much or, in the end, how little foam will dissolve in the acetone.

A cup of acetone is enough to dissolve an entire bean bag's worth of styrofoam beads. Styrofoam is made of polystyrene foam. When the polystyrene dissolves in the acetone, the air in the foam is released. This makes it look like you're dissolving a massive quantity of material into a small volume of liquid.

You can see a less-dramatic version of the same effect by dissolving other polystyrene items in acetone.

dissolving packing peanuts in acetone

Common polystyrene products include disposable razors, plastic yogurt containers, plastic mailers, and CD jewel cases. The plastic dissolves in just about any organic solvent, not just acetone. Acetone is found in some nail polish removers.

If you can't find this product, you could dissolve styrofoam in gasoline just as easily. Share Flipboard Email. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph. Chemistry Expert.

Helmenstine holds a Ph. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter. Updated August 10, Cite this Article Format. Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph. Dissolve Styrofoam in Acetone.I have packing peanuts that are water soluble. How do I dispose of them? I can't find a name for them in the Recyclopedia. Also, would you consider putting the address for the Recyclopedia in your column each Saturday?

dissolving packing peanuts in acetone

Some of us aren't organized enough to find it easily. A: According to StarchTech Inc. It goes on to say that in warm climates, the peanuts can be composted. Regarding the address for Recyclopedia, for Rhode Island, this option no longer exists. The address is atoz. Type your item into the box, and the A to Z list will begin to populate. Start typing the word packaging, and as soon as p-a-c appears, a list of 15 different items results. Compost in a backyard bin: Need a bin? Trash bin: Not accepted in the RI recycling program.

Each item on the A to Z list has different options to manage the waste. If the item can be donated, there will be a link to donation centers. Or, email features providencejournal. Put "Trash Tutorial" in the subject field. Digital access or digital and print delivery.

Hi Sarah, I have packing peanuts that are water soluble. Because the list is more than items long, I suggest you start with the search box. Site Archive.One can spend their whole life doing good deeds to get into heaven, but no matter how much they tell the truth, how much money they give to charity, or how many people they help, in the end without faith in Jesus they are empty.

This is easily demonstrated by adding items in into a coffee can. But, no matter how many good deeds items are added, the container never fills; salvation is never attained by good works alone. What are good works? How many good works are needed for salvation? What is needed for salvation?

dissolving packing peanuts in acetone

What is faith? White Styrofoam peanuts should dissolve rapidly, but some colored peanuts or ones made of starch will not and cannot be used. Chopsticks or other wooden disposable item Rubber gloves to be worn during preparation and presentation. Use in well ventilated area away from sparks or flames. Also, as acetone has a strong odor, choose a well-ventilated area for the presentation; outdoors is preferred.

The use of this experiment is at your own risk. For future details please note the legal disclaimer on the website www. While wearing gloves, put approximately inches of acetone into one of the coffee can. You can put the lid on to prevent evaporation and reduce odor, but remove just prior to the presentation. Set the can containing the acetone behind the display table in a spot not easily seen by the audience.

Set the empty can on the display table in full view of the audience.

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Fill the clear bag with the peanuts and put it on the display table in plain site of the audience, with a few loose peanuts on the table as well. Keep the chopsticks handy. Show the audience and smile. Show the audience and have a worried look on you face. At this point set the empty can behind the display table next to the one containing the acetone. Use the chopsticks to press the peanuts down into the acetone.

This may take 5 minutes or more depending on the number of peanuts and the size of the can. Slightly turn the can towards the audience so they can see it is empty the acetone is at the bottom along with some residue, so do not tilt it too far. Briere www. The Eruption of God's Spirit.More New Orleans New Orleans Tourism New Orleans Hotels New Orleans Bed and Breakfast New Orleans Vacation Rentals New Orleans Vacations Flights to New Orleans New Orleans Restaurants Things to Do in New Orleans New Orleans Travel Forum New Orleans Photos New Orleans Map New Orleans Travel Guide All New Orleans Hotels New Orleans Hotel Deals Last Minute Hotels in New Orleans By Hotel Type New Orleans Business Hotels Mid-range New Orleans Family Hotels Romantic Hotels in New Orleans New Orleans Luxury Hotels Best Value Hotels in New Orleans New Orleans Green Hotels New Orleans Spa Resorts New Orleans Casinos Budget By Hotel Class 5-star Hotels in New Orleans 4-star Hotels in New Orleans 3-star Hotels in New Orleans Popular Amenities New Orleans Hotels with Pools Pet Friendly Hotels in New Orleans New Orleans Hotels with Free Parking Popular Neighborhoods Central Business District Hotels French Quarter Hotels Lower Garden District Hotels Garden District Hotels Treme Hotels Mid-City Hotels Popular New Orleans Categories Boutique Hotels in New Orleans New Orleans Safe Hotels Discount Hotels in New Orleans New Orleans Hotels with Hot Tubs New Orleans Hotels with Balconies Suite Hotels in New Orleans Charming Hotels in New Orleans Downtown New Orleans Bed and Breakfast Family Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans New Orleans Hotels with Bars Near Landmarks Hotels near The National WWII Museum Hotels near French Quarter Hotels near Jackson Square Hotels near RTA - Streetcars Hotels near Frenchmen Street Hotels near Garden District Hotels near Royal Street Hotels near St.

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